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Best of the best report 2 by Kamrul Hasan Nasim


Kamrul Hasan Nasim is a sports journalist born in Bangladesh. A journalist who has the power to take the report of any reporter to a better level. A series of initiatives were taken to publish the written reports edited and published under his symbolic name. There are even some discussed open letters, which is given below:

Ballon is always a controversial award !

BallondOr on Twitter: "The Ballon d'Or will not be awarded in 2020. Our official statement > #ballondor… "


Sheikh Aslam/kriralok:

Annual excellence at the individual level. This is actually told to provide a value to world champion footballers. Every year we have the cultural ‘Nobel’ by introducing the prize that the French news media ‘France Football’ actually wants to say in the style of Nawabi. We actually provide Ballon d’Or. By researching and giving priority to the sports journalists opinion, we are actually the father of football.


Who is the best footballer of the year in Europe? Insist on finding answers by combining philosophical arguments, opinions and questions. In their early stages, with their honest initiative. At one stage, Europe’s top football body, UEFA, approved such an initiative at an early stage. They were not in need to look backward anymore. The news media named ‘France Football’ slowly became the mafia of football. Playing good for one year doesn’t matter until you win the Ballon d’Or. In this way, it went the road of culture of them whem they used to give it to a player who played in a club and was appproved by UEFA. A rule was made which was that not only Europe’s ethnic can get this. Other countries’ players can also get this but they have to play for the whole season in any of the leagues of Europe. On the other hand, players like Lionel Messi showed up their dual citizenship and wanted to say that they have the passport of Europe also. Because, no matter how many football players from different continents play in Europe, there is compassion and tension towards the players of Europe in the ‘France Football’ magazine. Ballon is therefore the hegemonic cultural Godfather of Europe. Where they want to say that the player who will be announced as the greatest player of the particular year will be the best for that year. Does anyone want to see that the defeat of Latin football is being confirmed or whether North American club football is being underestimated? It is happening every four years when the meeting of worldcup football is held, why do the clubs of Europe keep staring at the Mexican and African players? Let’s just forget about the countries of Latin.
Therefore, Ballon can be considered as a succeeding methid because of the effort initiated in good faith in the beginning. But a kind of cultural initiative in a political disguise like the British, which makes you think, but if you take the road to a solution with something behind the scenes, you will be upset. There would be so sadness if the penetraton of black money could have been obstructed. That’s why Ballon d”Or has become an annual football occassion now where the money eating journalists says that, “This year, the Ballon goes to the magitian Lionel Messi.”
Will talk about the real mafias of football later. However, it was told before. But their two main weapons are ‘Fifa’ and ‘France Football’. The black money of mafias, making their agents leaders in small and big places, black magic, fixing ads, television copyright, ficture control, host selection, visitor controlling- through this kind of annual menuscript or script, they are making fancy free movies’ rehearsal. Where, they may even be able to rate oscar. The way osacar is came from a good initiatuve which is created by the human from negative groups, in the same way, from worldcup football aranged by Fifa, there is also the presentation of a bad partner in a good attempt to give a balloon to France football. But there was nothing like that. ‘Money’ is controlling Fifa and ‘France Football’ named magazine. And the question, in 2020, who will be given the Ballon? On the other side, Fifa has moved from the Fifa Men’s Best Award by giving the excuse of Covid-19 as they are not going to have money. Although, they could have posponded the programme and take it to the month of December. Whatever, what will the French Dons do with the Ballon.
During the bad period of Covid-19, this year, along with Euro, all other International football gathering was posponded. In the middle, French League One and Scotish League was announced as the champions very early. After a huge break, the other leagues of Europe started and finished very fastly. The assembly of Copa America and European Championship will not be held this year. On the other side, the preparation of the foreignism of Uefa Champions Leagues is finished, that’s why we can say that the two awards of 2020 will be given in time. Let’s see, who is the faster in the run of Ballon although your eyes can tell that who will get it but still it is controlled by the football mafia.
In the normal judgment, the striker of Bayern Munich named as Robert Levendski is at the first place in the run of Ballon winning. His team won the BundesLiga. There is possibilty for Bayern to the quarter final of the European Champions League. Recently, this Leva has given 11 goals and became the best goal scorer. Actually, Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to be the Leva. He came to football in a bad time. On one side, the whole world was excited for Leo Messi as he got the branding of the Fifa  and France football—-there he has to show something to win for Poland so that if he doesn’t make them understand what he deserves, then everyone will deny the existence of the magazine of France. In this way, Cristiano had to win the Ballon for 5 times. If they would give him the Ballon neutrally, then Cristiano would have 9 Ballons with him. That’s why, Leva has to give his best in the upcoming Uefa Championship to win, if he can, then he would even have to break the record of Cristiano where he gave 17 goals. But he is still in the fast position in the upcomings.
The next name is Kilian Embappa. In the meantime, he won the world cup and proved that why wasn’t he given the cup two years back? He has the right to ask this question. But the hands of France footall magazine are tied. If they would show adoration to Embappa who is from a foreign country, then they can’t keep Leonel Messi in the best place. In the inauspicious plot, they wanted Luka madrich to play the match. There is obviously an inauspicious plot in giving 6 Ballons to Messi and securing him. If they watch the amtches of Messi, then the mafias get alot of money for sure. In the way just like the commercial style of Herod. No matter how good an actor you are, the cultural value is calculated by whose film is actually watched by everyone. However, if Embappa can be the best golascorer and can play in the best way in the upcoming matches of Uefa, then in this situation, Embappa would get ethical support. So, we can count him as the second favourite. But he himself has to send money to the banks of the sports journalists. But, he has to fall in another game. In this case, a philosopher in Bangladesh says that you are a scholar but if you want to establish that, you have to spend money for it.
On the other side, when we are thinking about Embappa, we have to remind yourself of an important comment. Where the previous footballer of Brazil thinks that in the running season, if they win the Champions League, then Neymar may get the Ballon D’Or. But the reality doesn’t go there. No matter how much better he plays this year, bacause Neymar has to be Garinccha of football this year. And Pele will become like Embappe!
The third best position is taken by the midfeilder of Man city named Kevin de Bruyne. He is not actually getting any goals in the matches of English League. But he has started to give goals in the big matches. He has played excellently and assisted the English League. He went to the field of Real Madrid and made the team win in the match of the second Uefa round and wanted to prove that he is still there. Now, if on 7th August, they can say goodbye to Real Madrid, and if Kevin becomes stern to make win to Man city, then he will also become a claimant. But again, what will happen to the French magazine by branding someone from Belgium, all things have to be equated and then everything will be hitted up.
In the fourth position in the whole world, Leonel Messi is a famous face. He is standing in a great place by giving 700 goals in his entire career. He has taken Laliga along with the referee in his hands and he is well now. He has 6 Ballons beside his name. For some reason, there is no problem this time if he doesn’t get a Ballon. There is no stoi. He is not optimistic with his team. Maybe he knows the script from before. He wished to play the Copa America from his own country and wanted to win the Shiropa. Maybe that is also scripted from before. Maybe he will get that next year. That’s why Laliga is not interested in taking Messi this time. It is difficult for them to lose Nepoly in the next Uefa. Uefa wishes that if there is even possibilty, but actually the end will not be cheerful. Later, Leo is a stern entity. He will try his best. He has a great relationship with the French magazine. The year when he doesn’t become successful, they judge by the successful team and say that Messi will get it. And the year when there is no successful team, they say that you can’t see that he is the best goal scorer in Laliga! There is no shortage of logic for Messi. He loses, even loses ‘France Football’. That’s why, why couldn’t Laliga win the Shiropa in one year even by giving 49 goals, but still french morol couldn’t deceive the Ballon by snotting. Even Messi has a huge 3 matches in his hands. In these three matches, if Uefa does something best, then he will become a true claimant.
Let’s keep the talk for 3 and a half matches only. Just like Messi, his torrential opponent is in the same situation. But still Messi is at peace by doing draw. They went with Nepoly and became drawn. If he wins in his own land in the next league, then he can start the journey of the three matches. On the other hand, Juventus is facing some bad issues. In the first match, they losed in front of Leo of France. That’s why, they have to make them lose in their own field and finally they have to play insouly by going to Uefa. However, if they win the three matches, they will create a new history. Maybe Ronaldo will try, He will try to give the League Shiropa to Juventus. He already gave 22 goals. In this season, he has given many goals by playing in his own country and he is waiting for only one goal. His luck is bad. It would have been held in March. It was an astrol to give 100 goals. He has given 700 goals in his career in the past. If Ronaldo wins the Uefa, then it would create a unique history. By playing in three clubs, he would win 6 trophies. He will try for that. Then if he sends Euro (money) to the sports journalists of his own agent mendes, he may get the Ballon in his hand. He is the most famous footballer in the whole world. The fans and followers in social media proves that. So, what will harm the mafias?
Date of Publish: Jul 21, 2020
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