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Best of the best report 3 by Kamrul Hasan Nasim


Kamrul Hasan Nasim is a sports journalist born in Bangladesh. A journalist who has the power to take the report of any reporter to a better level. A series of initiatives were taken to publish the written reports edited and published under his symbolic name. There are even some discussed open letters, which is given below:

Messi has won the weakest event with his own money

Kamrul Hasan Nasim

No, this time the South American football governing body, Conmebol, did not have the courage to invite a team like Mexico to the Copa America. Why not? The reason is not clear but not obscure. Messi wanted to win the cup and everything was settled. Even before the end of the game, the video footage of Messi’s sons celebrating the victory against Brasil in final has to be checked to see if it was recorded in advance.

Meanwhile, it is said that FIFA had tried to give the world cup to the son of FIFA ( Messi) before. Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter has signed a deal with multinational company Adidas to hand over the 2014 World Cup to Lionel Messi. But God did not want that. When the field was ready, Lionel Messi, a left-footed specialized or one-point player in the 120 minutes of the World Cup semi-final and 120 minutes in the final, could not take a single shot at the goal post. That’s what happened. All plans doesn’t get victory. Mario Gotze changed the equation. The move to establish Lionel Messi as the best player in history after Pele had the support of the fake king of football.

Because, there was an opportunity to magnify Pele’s tactical role in stopping the ongoing duel between Pele and Diego Maradona. The reason is that if Messi had won the World Cup, he would have said that you( Maradona) are not ahead of Messi. Subject to reality then Messi had chance to became a big star then, but he also had to stop at Pele’s words. In that case, Pele would say may be that claim yourself the greatest of all time by winning the cup three times!

Lionel Messi, on the other hand, has no doubt about dribbling in play ground. Not even to score a goal with the same foot from the same point. But how can it be said that he does not compromise with the referees, linesmen and defenders of certain teams in the only league9 La Liga) he plays in? When he gets somewhere in the D-box, he will fell, got free kicks and never be charged or tackled by the opposing players — research claims everything, half of his playing career goals come from fixing.

Meanwhile The Spanish Football Federation is also a hostage. What is the reason? Spain has chosen the cultural weapon to prevent the independence of the Catalans. They have given a concession to the one-time true champion team Barcelona for a decade, Messi has got a concession. That’s why Real Madrid were desperate to win the UEFA Champions League — and have been forced to back unsolicited moves to give up the La Liga title to Barcelona.

Ever since the football mafia tried to make a big player out of Messi as a child and invested huge sums of money, Lionel Messi has not only been brought up as the best player of the time, it has been possible to do business with him. The number of his fans and followers has reached such a level that the football mafia could not move away from the immoral path. Despite not being able to score in the head, weak in the right foot and not in a position to score from all places, he has been handed six Ballon d’Ors and told that Messi is going to be the best of all time!

At this stage of his playing career, Lionel Messi thought he needed an international title. And that at any cost. Lionel secretly bribed his agent to sit down with the Conmebol authorities, saying, “Anyway, the 21 ‘event, which didn’t happen in 2020, must happen and be handed over to me.”

Conmebol wanted the Copa America to be held in another country, including Argentina. However, when the global epidemic Covid-19 did not set the stage for it to take place in Argentina, Neymar’s persuasion of Brazil finally paid off with the significant success of Messi’s investment. It’s time to disclose all darkness of the chapter of Messi and move on.

In that ten teams event, each team was unnecessarily told to play four matches and say, “Let’s leave the two teams and go home.” How beautiful! Eight teams and so called quarter finals—- Arrogant arrangement. which is the biggest corruption— Going to the semi-finals and finals in a fancy way. De Maria, the big player of the big match, is not injured this time. It is a proven fact that Messi can do what Maria can do but De Maria can do what Messi can not do.


Messi’s false matches and goals in La liga and some other sayings…

To be continued…

Date of Publish: 27 July, 2020

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