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About Us

This web address is the online direction of  K H N INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LIMITED 

K H N Secretariat, recognized world based Official name of  K H N INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LIMITED  !  

Kamrul Hasan Nasim, Bangladeshi citizen has been living in the human civilization who is also a lover of planet at the same time. He is a Theist. Mr. Nasim has cultural, political, social and spiritual life in his career as well as specific seventeen sectors. K H N Secretariat is trying to keep up their all types activities.

K H N Secretariat believes Kamrul Hasan Nasim or Esswar Mitra ( another name) is world class character and it is believed that he could breathe through various waves of intensity on this planet in order to perform the best of the great creator.

K H N Secretariat ( K H N INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LIMITED) has several successful business organizations to achieve world-class cultural success. That is, Build Better Bangladesh, Zafar Optics, A. R. M Enterprise, Prithibi Enterprise, Prithibi Cafe, Oboshor, K H N media Team ( Boistwami), Kriralok ( Sports media) and K H N Cine Complex( not started yet).

K H N Secretariat basically is an academic and research foundation, named K H N Research Team. 

 ‘K H N Secretariat’, is mainly the official and residential address of Kamrul Hasan Nasim.