New Quotes – 29

Those who take the risk of bringing big changes (reforms) inside the political party, they are supposed to do that work based on two things.

  1. From the ideological position of the party policy. (When he sees that everything is not working properly)
  2. Save the interest of the special group. (In this case, the other political power gets temporary benefit)

Remember, the political missions to save somebody’s interest can never lead to effective or meaningful consequences. Because, the base of that demand  is very weak., Brokerage money received by that initiator in this way, become once a curse.

On the other hand,  , if it appears to be new to everyone outside the current trend in the public welfare but when he appears with  real consciousness, at the beginning, he gets various criticism on his forehead.   But gradually, once the support group can get answer of all. Even though those who are blessed with this spirit, their achievements are very difficult to find.

Apart from some exception in the  world politics, there is no example of the victory of ideological political representation without traditional dictator.

In that case, his charismatic leadership can only suppress everything. Even though this example is one in 100 years in my judgment.

Also know that if you go ahead with a new initiative on the issue of Bangladesh, you will see three types of negative reality.

  1. The media will remain absent to disclose or publish your dream. That’s why your thought, consciousness and spirit will remain unknown to the  state’s peoples.
  2. Due to not having “you” in own plan of the powerful nations, the desire to achieve political success will not happen almost.
  3. Due to keep the common people sick and inconsolable by the Ruling class(who come to power), your political development is in fear of falling or being blocked for the social and mental pressure in everyday.

Keep in mind, the person who appears on the negative side of the significant, surely all efforts will be trivial to prevent its movement in arrangement the language of peoples crying  and their economic prosperity.

[The Quote is collected from page no  37 and 38 of the book Netritto (leadership) written by Kamrul Hasan Nasim ]


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