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The new Aparna’s photo of Lilith film –


The film is about the history of the old “Lilith” story. Aparna Ghosh is acting on it. It is said that the heroine does not come to the screen without the selected character, it brings something new to the frame.

Aparna also said: “I had the idea of ​​Lilith, the myth of myth, as a result, when I get the script, I agree, it’s not like traditional films, it’s called a philosophical journey. the viewer’s view. ”

The film is produced by the scenario and direction of Kamrul Hasan Nasim. Arman Parvez Murad has played opposite Aparna. Aparna said the film’s central character has been made by the producer himself. The character of “Ishwar Mitra” will be the main attraction of the story.

How is the movie “Lilith”? In this context, Nasim said: “Through this story, human civilization will focus on aspects of spirituality, patriarchy, fear, life, death, savage, protest and reality. Although initially it seems to be a horror movie, “Lilith” is a film created for the think community of the world, including Bangladesh, and we want to say Lilith, the film of the Planet.

The film is filmed in various locations in Pubail, Vogra, Gazipur and the capital, near Dhaka, from April 18 to April 10 this year. The producer reported that 90% of the filming of the film has already been completed. Besides, the film is produced at the processing table. It will be present in front of the public, completing the appropriate construction this year.

Aparna Ghosh has played the role of editor of a newspaper in the film. Arman Parvez Murad has played the role of wife of the novelist Tushar.

Aparna said, after shooting for two more days, Lilith will be over. Meanwhile, he’s busy with Eid Drama and he’s busy over time.

He said: “I do not get the character of the mind, I do not want to work if you do not have the assurance that you are going to do something good, sometimes the request falls away. Gandy. ”

Aparna received a great response from producer Fkhrul Arefin “Bhuban Majhi”. Aparna also deals with Gandy’s second film. His career has already been featured with three-thirds unique numbers, Soar Maya, Soaf, Meghmallara and Darpan Bisrun.


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